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New dryer has no lights, won't start

Our dryer suddenly wouldn't start, had no light come on in the drum, no clicking, nothing. We flipped the breaker repeatedly to no avail. We thought it had just died, so we bought a (used) dryer to replace it, which worked fine at the home we took it from.

Just brought it home and plugged it in, and it won't start either, exact same problems. Volt tester shows the dryer is getting power. Vent is completely clear. I am at a loss as to what the problem could possibly be. Help!

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@jellob3p0 what model is your dryer? How is it wired? Take some pictures of the outlet as well as the plug on your dryer. You are not getting the required voltage as @mayer is suggesting.


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Most standard dryers require 220 volts. In the USA this will be a large three prong plug or four prong with two 110-120 volt outputs. So use your muti-meter, identify the ground, then test the other two for 110 each. Here's a video on the newer type four prong installation:

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Do you, perhaps, supply the machine through an extension cord? If so replace it as the one you are using may be faulty. Another reason could be a faulty wall outlet. Old outlet contacts may become loose and although a volt test may show right voltage, the metal contacts inside it may fail to contact both prongs of the plug. Try another wall outlet through an extension cord.

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