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iSight Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard & AirPort Don't Work. Connector?

Hello everyone.

I know there's a similar question posted like this one, but mine's a little more extreme I think. Maybe someone can help.

So, I bought my 13" MacBook Pro off of eBay for parts. The original owner said that he'd torn the display off of the MacBook Pro. He made a REALLY crummy job at replacing the screen, giving is a really ugly Aluminum Unibody MacBook one that had a destroyed AirPort/ALS/iSight/Bluetooth cable and no AirPort/Bluetooth board.

Well, I bought a new screen (a MacBook Pro one) and it still doesn't use the iSight camera, AirPort, Bluetooth, or the Ambient Light Sensor, which naturally triggers the backlit keyboard.

I have looked at the connector on the logic board under a microscope at my work, and fiddled around with the prongs in it to make sure that they are straight, but nothing at all seems to help it. I've even used the pressurized air that we have at my work to get any particles blocking the connection out of the way. Nothing helps. I have plugged and unplugged the cables countless times, and it never seems to help.

So, I'm just hoping someone out there might have any ideas. Unfortunately, I have limited battery life on the MacBook Pro since it seems like the MagSafe board has gone bad as well. But I'm going to try reinstalling OS X tonight. Hopefully it'll do something! :)

Thanks everyone! Sorry for the extensive description!

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Howdy all. Unfortunately, reinstalling the OS didn't solve the problem. I think there's just something permanently wrong with the connector on the logic board. I think I'll try removing it and replacing it. That is a little bit extreme, but if it helps . . . .


On another note, I took jvmoore1's advice and downloaded Lab Tick. It allows me to control the keyboard backlight independently from the ALS, so I know now that the keyboard backlight definitely works. That's a great thing! :)


By the way, I tried my display in a different computer, and everything works. So it's definitely the connector on the logic board. I'll try looking into that. Please ignore the INCREDIBLE inappropriate and immature response my mayer. That's completely rude.


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TommyJames337, I'm having a similar problem and was wondering what capacitor was blown and did the replacement fix the problem?

This is what I've got:

I've been thinking about replacing that capacitor but I would only be guessing at its capacitance. Any help would be mucho appreciated.

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Howdy John! Unfortunately, I never repaired my board by myself. :/ I sent in into a little company in New York called L2 Computer Inc. They repaired the board for me and got it working again, though admittedly not without hassle. You're supposed to ship everything with your computer to them (including the power adapter) and they never ended up sending my adapter back. It took months of convincing hem to return it, and when they FINALLY did, they gave me one in horrible condition. That's not even all the trouble I experienced with them. But that's just an example.

Anyway. I'm really sorry I can't be of more help. Just out of curiosity, how did your MacBook Pro become damaged like this? :)


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Hi there!

I had a similar problem in that although I have an airport card installed in my MacBook Pro 13in Unibody, the laptop doesn't recognize the card and says "Airport card not installed" in the WiFi icon at the top of the screen. Anyway... I've stripped down my laptop, every component taken out and back together again.

After following (the AWESOME) video guides on this website, I totally tore down my mac this evening. I found the AirPort Card inside the Clutch casing... so it IS in there, I'm not crazy.

It looked ok, and the cables at either side were connected ok. BUT there were two wires attached to wireless card, I'm guessing from the gold colored tips to them, connecting to the circuit board, that these are the WiFi and Bluetooth antennae?? Anyone? 1 was firmly attached, the other was loose. I tried to connect the loose one but it wouldn't hold down.

Anyway... my point is if the connectors to the logic board look ok, which mine do too, it could be the circuitry inside your clutch casing too.

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Thanks so much for responding to my post. That's a very good idea. I would definitely dive right into that procedure, except I was just fortunate enough to try my display in a 15-inch Unibody MacBook Pro and everything works with it. Sigh . . . . It appears that my problems are logic board related. I discovered an exploded capacitor on the board near that connector, and I just replaced it. Unfortunately, I can't test the computer to see if that helped this particular problem because the darn thing won't charge the battery, and I ran out of battery juice.

It's been a tough situation. lol Thanks again, though. I really appreciate it.


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Hey all. I'm so keen to get some kind of idea on this issue. I've pretty much replaced my airport card 3 times now and it still doesn't show up. What's even worse, is that I was replacing the glass panel on a friend's mbp A1278 2010, and before doing so made sure that her airport worked. After the replacement of the glass, boom! Airport not working: error in the indicator reads: no hardware installed. I literally redid the connections like 5 times with no joy. Tried different cables and airport combinations all made for this model, but I've had no luck. Additionally, I've reset PRAM and all that with no luck. Any help around this would be great


Additionally, what I find peculiar is that while the wifi doesn't work on the MBP A1278s i've been working on, the webcam and bluetooth does! Is that possible? Sounds strange since they're all connected to the Mobo by a single cable

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