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Il s'agit d'appareils qui fabriquent des objets tridimensionnels à partir de données numériques par des méthodes additives. Les matériaux utilisés varient entre les plastiques et les métaux.

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Can't get the 3d printer to print

We have a Prusa 3d printer and it was working, but then the computer decided to do a systems upgrade without any notice, thereby causing the 3d printer to stop. We couldn't get it to restart and now we can't even get it to print anything new at all. The SD card works, but would rather not use it since our computer does not have an SD port to download files. Any suggestions as to what is going on and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. We tried looking online for answers but can't seem to find anything that helps.

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Can you give us info on the PC which you have the printer connected to. Also the OS make & version.


Our computer is an Origin PC and we don't what the OS is.


The Origin PC is a Windows based system it could be running MS Windows 7 on up depending on the year and what you've done for OS updates.


We couldn't get it to work, so we just bought an SD card converter to use for printing. Hopefully that works.


Maria, do you even see the printer in the ''Devices and Printers' window?

You may need to call in someone to help you who has a propellor hat ;-}


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You may only need to go into your 'Devices and Printers' settings within MS Windows to reset the default printer or refresh the driver.

Check this out: PRUSA Research - Drivers & Manuals

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Thank you we will try it right away.


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