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What is the size of the joy con external screws?

Im looking to replace the triwing screws with Philips screws so i need to know the size to get the proper replacement.

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Did you find out the size?


No i sent the joy cons to Nintendo to repair an unrelated issue on warranty, they ended up also replacing the screws as well.


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Is that the tri-wing in step #5 of this guide? Do you still have the screw?

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You can use a digital clap to measure it or just drop by some old repair guy, show him the screw and ask. He might charge you $5.

Better yet, send a good looking girl friend to the old guy, he'll bend over backwards to help her. Old techs are lonely and don't get to see or smell many young girls.

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Yes i believe they are the same size. I do still have the screw


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