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Released November 2010. Identified by model number BNRV200.

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My nook will not power on

I've plugged in my nook to charge and the green light is lit on the charging cable indicating a full charge but it will not power on

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why did you choose my answer? look at what mayer commented, "It's a power issue". the only reason i have anything to do with ifixit is just to get reputation points, but im less than -250 points now. mayer's comment is correct. i don't even know what im doing.


@theelitepro_gd "the only reason i have anything to do with ifixit is just to get reputation points" definitely not a good reason to be here. You have to help out to get reputation points. Review the mission and vision of ifixit and see if you can support those.

This is not about you but about others that need help. Keep your answers useful and focus on the question, not on receiving points.


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The screen may be the problem. Either the screen is not plugged in properly, or that the ribbon cable is not working as it should. Either way, the lcd screen is not recieving video data as it is supposed to. Try asking professionals in your area to help you.

The best solution might be to replace the screen or try plugging it back in correctly. A professional may be able to help you better than I can. Good luck getting it fixed!

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please stop answering questions. you don't seem to have a clue. are you here to try to make the site look bad? this is a power issue.


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