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Cleaning FAN - does it need to be removed before cleaning?

Do I have to remove the FAN before cleaning it, or is it OK, to clean it with vacuum cleaner?

Thank you

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Take the topcase off, and spray the fan (as well as the rest of the board) for 10-20 seconds with a can of compressed air. Hold the fan blades still while you spray so the dust it able to escape. I can't imagine a vacuum cleaner would work very well for this or provide enough suction to do the job...just invest $4 in a can of compressed air, and you're done.

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Vacuum cleaners generate a ridiculous amount of static. and can potentially harm a computer. They make special vacuum cleaners for electronics that don't generate static and don't hurt the components.

As for rdklinc's statements, don't just go mad with the compressed air. short bursts from the can are preferred. while it is fun to blast till your hand freezes from the expanding gasses in the can, you could do some harm to the components if you blast them too much.

But like he said. Top case off, Hold fan with finger (you grounded yourself first right?) and short bursts on the fan. It can be a good idea to remove the fan to get any accumulated cruft off the heat-sync too, but it isn't really required.

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I just don't understand how will this work, because I understand under BLOWING with compressed air - blow dust to other components, I must be wrong...

I will invest and buy a special antistatic spunge and a can of compressed air.

I will make sure to ground myself before doing anything, I hope my chair or sth. would do the trick, since I have only ordinary wooden table under the machine.

Also, I am a bit afraid of removing the fan, so if this should do the trick would prefer blowing the dust while fan is still attached to the computer.

Do you recommend to change Thermal paste (my machine is about 4 years old and is running a lot slower, also I am planning to replace my Hard drive and do something about a problem with LCD screen and inverter cable - under some angles the screen is totally black)

I am very grateful for your comments and for helping me.

Also I am planning to Record my work, because there is no such thing on youtube and I think it would be really helpful to others

Take care


You don't really need to do anything with the thermal paste. Unless you are getting any overheating issues. Like I said before, removing the fan is not required, but it can help get some extra lint and gunk from the heat-sync fins. Slow performance can be HDD related, so definitely get yourself a good backup solution in place for that one. As for the inverter issues, it could be just the cable, might be snagged somewheres since it is only on certain angles. but it could be a bad inverter board just the same. Good luck with your repairs and surely record it. Above all. GO SLOW and be patient. Rushing breaks things, that would be bad.


Dust may temporarily blow all over the board (and in your face, etc.) but it's no big deal -- just thoroughly blow it all off until you no longer see dust on the board or fan, and it all looks relatively clean. You may want to do it outside. I don't think a sponge is especially necessary, and it may even cause problems by adhering dust to the various parts, whereas otherwise it would have simply blown off. I agree with James, i.e. replacing the thermal paste should be looked at as a last resort measure, and attempting it often gets people into trouble. As for speed, a wipe of the hard drive and a fresh install of the OS never hurts.


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