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The Samsung Alias 2 features a dual-hinge design that can be opened in portrait or landscape style.

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How to replace the screen and the camera?

Cellphone fell into a cup full of coffee. was able to teardown and clean QWERTY keyboard, and seems to work now, but unable to teardown flipscreen. Cannot figure out what is holding it tight at top where camera is located, and at midpoint.

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The only thing I can come up with is to:

Remove two screws from screen plate, they are under black dots near the hinge.

Remove one screw on the back of the hinge, it is under a tab.

The hinge cover will slide off once the joint is separated.

Use a small spudger or screw driver, starting where the screws were (where the rubber scrape pad is) and slowly pry the screen cover off. The top plastic should come off leaving you with the front LCD and a blue colored chip board showing.

There should be two plugs to unplug. Number one between the speakers and the touch screen. and number two between the camera and the viewing screen. They look like flat tabs and should just pop off.

Remove 4 screws, two near the hinge, and two in the opposite corners of the hinge. One is near the speaker, the other opposite from it.

The blue chip should now come out with the earpiece, speakers, camera, and a battery looking thing.

Flip it over and look at the main LCD screen. There are little white tabs that are at its corners, use those as prying points. The screen and the front screen will come out together, leaving a glass screen attached to the blue chip.

The LCD screen is all screen on one side with white trim, and it is a brass color on the other side with a little screen in the middle. Hope this helps and not sure where I originally got these from but I remember having looked for these instructions since I thought I could repair one of those :). Anyhow, I hope this helps a bit. Good Luck to you

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