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2008 netbook; Model ZG5 AOA150-1691; 8.5" screen; 1.6 GHz N270 Intel Atom Processor

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When you turn it on, blue screen asking for password. We don't know

My teenage son just received this device from a friend of his. The friend lives with his grandparents and none of them remember the password. When you turn it on a blue screen appears asking for a password. Oh and the device does not have a cd/DVD drive. Can anyone help?

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I'm not as lucky

Mine turns on the straight to pass word



Same Here... Help!!!!


@Dawn Evans

Have you followed the instructions below?


Thank You So much you guys at

My heart was beating fast. I thought that I would never be able to open my computer again. It worked for me, you are a life saver. I will continue to come to your website for future answers.



Thank you so much you guys at My heart was beating fast


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If you are talking about the HDD password, you can't. You'll have to change the Hard drive and load a new OS. If it's the Windows log on password, there are recovery programs that can help with that.

Update (08/27/2017)

you can try accessing the acer recovery management tool by typing F8 key on boot up, a list will appear and you must choose "repair your computer" then another list of options and the last one "recovery management powered by acer" you will choose this one, and it'll take you to the recovery tool. from this point just follow the instructions. good luck, or some use the alt + F10

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I don't think it's the hard drive, but I'm not sure. All I know is when you first turn it on. It asks for a password and the screen is blue. The person my son got it from said he and both his grandparents have tried to get in it for awhile but with no luck. They can't remember the password either.


Does it show the normal log in screen then? Like any of your other computers may show?


Might be a BIOS lock. Can remove the CMOS battery and should clear it.


When you turn it on, the Acer logo comes up with the F2 and F12 options. Then it goes straight to enter password. I've even tried using both the F2 and F12 options and it still went to password. It's actually a black screen with enter password box in blue.

We took the battery out yesterday and it's still doing it.


I'd try a new HDD. You could format a used one pretty cheap now a days and see if that helps...or even take that HDD out, connect it to another computer with a enclosure and try to reformat it. But you will need to get a copy of your specific windows and install it using your key on computer or restoration cd (s) online or from manufacturer.


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Wow... That's a real pain.

First things first: originally, from where did the computer came? You are describing a BIOS lock out feature that most people don't use, unless when dealing with highly sensitive information contained within. Or suffering from a serious case of paranoia.

BIOS lock out function is put in place to assure that, in the case of a computer is stolen, no one can access the machine. And I seriously doubt that removing the CMOS battery will do any good.

Removing the battery, specially when considering these very small machines, involves taking apart the whole thing to reach it. Here is a video for the process, if you feel brave enough for it.

Another option is to try to force the machine to give you a backdoor password.

1) Start by removing the battery and connect the computer directly to the power source.

2) When the computer prompts for the password, take a few guesses. At some point, it will give a message of "System Disabled" and a code, that can be made up of number, letter or both. Write it down on a piece of paper. Be very careful to correctly read the code: do not mistake a letter for a number or vice-verse.

Do not worry about the "System disabled" message: this is a scare tactic. Pull the plug on the computer, give it a minute to "breathe" without any power coursing through its circuits and then reconnect the power cable. It will run.

3) Go to this site:

This is not malware. This site was created using reverse engineering to create a tool to generate passwords to unlock machines like your. Insert the code you wrote down and get a password. Write it down and insert it on the locked computer. Hopefully, you'll get in.

Next step is to go into the BIOS and disable the thing!

Try this and drop a line here. We'll see what we can do if none of this works.

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I bought a window Dell window7 from à lady but she forģot pass word çan you help me get in thank inadvance


This method 100% worked for me! Thank you!!!


Just goes to black screen with curser in the corner..... Doesnt give me code


Says system will halt press any key then to blank screen


Way, You guys ARE LIVE SAVERS!!!!Worked a 100% for me. Thank you.


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If your talking about the windows password this video will help Hope this helps

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BTW you will need to us a usb jump stick and you will need to have an iso copy of windows . This works for windows 7 through 10


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Same thing happened on my old Asuspro - new SSD and Windows 10 addeda few years ago. No amount of hard booting would get rid of the blue password box????

Took the battery off - noticed ‘Lock’ slider wasn't over, thought nothing of it. Powered on and there's my Windows desktop exactly as it was, even browser windows open!!

Replaced battery, locked it on ? and everything's good again. No I have no idea either ? just happy I don't need a new hard drive.

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