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How do I bypass my radio and just use my phone?

I am trying to connect my phone (via aux input) directly to my speakers. I have the converter to RCA for my woofer. I can get power to the door speakers with a wiring harness. how do i get the signal to my door speakers? (which are not connected to the amp)

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Okay let me try and get this straight your trying to pretty much have your sound system play straight off your phone but you don't have a amp to power full range speakers well now this is where I'm confused are you using the cars radio aux to play from your phone or are you trying to bypass the radio? Once you clear that out for me I'll tell know the answer to your question

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Okay if you just want to use the aux to play the entries system your gonna need a 4channel amp for your mids and highs because you won't be the speakers to play loud directly off the phone so you will been to get a 2nd amp because phones were not meant to play loud speakers just small ear buds


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