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How do I select replacement parts?

Hello, my phone's audio jack doesn't work, and I'd like to fix it myself to save some money. However, because the Nuu X4 is so far from the mainstream, specific replacement parts are not listed on this site and I am not sure where to find them. The whole process of disassembling a phone and replacing a part inside doesn't scare me, but I'm afraid of wasting time and money by ordering a part that won't fit.

If anyone is familiar with this brand and model of phone, I would greatly appreciate some advice. If not directions to the part I need, some words on where to look would also be immensely helpful.

Thank you in advance!

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2 solutions

I have tried to look on amazon, ebay, and just the whole web, but I couldn't find internal parts like the one you listed. Or maybe I haven't looked close enough...

I've found a phone of the exact model that's being sold for parts on ebay, though. It's actually a whole working phone, but the only problem is that it has problems with activation, which I'm assuming refers to cellular plan. It's selling for $20 and free economy shipping (at least for where I live) and can be found here. No matter how much I try, though, I can never find a guide for taking it apart.

Hope this helps!

Edit - this item is now out of stock. There is a new one for $66 dollars, but it is the exact same one as the one that @osa1011 has in his answer.

Unless you already bought the $20 phone.

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This whole site is dedicated to repairing things and your suggestion is to buy a new phone. Really just quit posting.


I suggest you just delete this answer.


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I see the NUU X4 for sale brand new on ebay for $66. It's probably going to cost at least that much to fix the phone since you'll probably have to replace the digitizer to get to the headphone jack, not taking into account the fact you won't be able to get replacement parts for this device. A phone that sells for $66 doesn't have a market for selling repair parts. Usually for a phone that isn't iPhone or Samsung, your best bet is to buy a broken one that has a different broken part.

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