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The Nintendo DS is Nintendo's seventh generation handheld game console.

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Nintendo DS doesn't start up, both screens white

Yesterday I wanted to calibrate the touch screen on my Nintendo DS Fat model. But I could not go to the settings. The DS would just completely freeze after I pressed the settings icon. Pictochat also wouldn't work, but I could still load my games fine.

I decided to take the battery out and put it back in. But that made it even worse. When starting the DS up, you see the Nintendo DS logo on the top screen and after that both screens turn white and you cannot do anything. This happens with the DS cartridge both in and out.

I have made a video on the issue:

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Gonna steal @oldturkey03 answer heheh

nhan le try this one first:

Check the battery pack and ensure its charged [LED light on upper right corner should be lit GREEN].

-If AC wall power adapter is being used, ensure both the connector [into DS lite] and wall plug [to outlet] are securely connected.

-Check the battery contacts and clean if necessary using a pencil eraser or lightly scrape contacts until entire surface is shiny.

-Check the placement and orientation of battery pack to ensure its connected securely and properly.

Read more: How to Troubleshoot Nintendo DS lite Issues |

If that does not work, you may have to disassemble your DS lite and check on the cables, connectors and logic board to make sure all connections are seated properly. Good Luck

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Thanks for your answer. I'm sure it isn't the battery though. It charges fine and holds the charge for a long amount of time. I played on it yesterday without a problem. It still does charge fine after this issue happened.


@theimedic good job my friend....:-)


@oldturkey03 well hello just saw you may be back, will look on meta to see how you are


@mayer good to be back. Just taking a breather and figured it's time to check back in and see what has happened in a week :-) Good to be back my friend.


Haha @mayer @oldturkey03 Uncles back to work before he's back to work haha


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I was having the same problem with the two white screens, I took it to a repair shop and I was told that the problem was the motherboard. I'm not sure how accurate that is but that was what I got before having it disassembled. I am supposed to find out exactly what's wrong tommorow after it is disassembled.

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I'm experiencing the same thing! Did you ever find your answer?


@Joe Kowalczyk They said it was the motherboard so that was what they changed. It didn't look the same after the repair but I am able to use it now.


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