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Modèle A1369. Processeur 1.6, 1.7, ou 1.8 GHz. Stockage SSD 64, 128 ou 256GB.

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I would like to refurb this laptop to give to an 11 year old .

What can I do to make this a good hand-me-down computer?

General uses would include school work, some internet research .... not sure what else a pre-teen would need to do.

The battery report says ----"service battery" (673 cycles). SO, I assume it could use a new battery. But what else should/could be done?

It also needs a new power cord (the cord is frayed due to the angle where it plugs into the computer - not a good design)

Any help is appreciated.

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I think an SSD upgrade is way to expensive just to get this machine in shape to give away.

I would download and run Coconut battery. Install and run it then post your results. Let's take a look at its health. 600+ should just be midlife.

A cleaning with a non-amonia window cleaner might be in order. Spray the cleaner on a soft cloth before wiping and use it sparingly. A keyboard skin is cheap and protects the machine from spills. A hard case would help prevent damage from drops.

Wiping the drive and doing a clean install of the latest system on updates would make it feel like new.

Your teen will need a word processing program. Apple's Pages in excellent for this.

If they do not have an Apple ID you could also set that up for them.

Now kids are going to sites they shouldn't and download viruses. So a good paid for anti-virus program would be in order here, such as Symantec's Endpoint protection.

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An antivirus on a MacBook? I've honestly never heard of them getting viruses or malware in the first place...


@alexniculescu Well Alex, you're 18 years old and probably haven't heard about a lot of things yet. I probably saw more Macs last month than you've seen in your life. Of those Macs 85% were infected. Think of the internet like a nasty brothel. Do you want to go into it with no protection? I don't think so.

After Apple became so successful and arrogant, they painted a target on themselves. Viruses were mainly aimed at PC because Bill Gates was so hated. People didn't hate Steve Jobs. But they sure hate Tim Cook. Over 85% of the machines I've had in for service in the last four years are infected. Some very heavily- I mean over 200 viruses! Programs that are deceptive about it are all these "Mac visit programs", like MacKeeper, Clean My Mac, the adware programs. You have no idea of what these programs are doing except for the fact that they want to take over running it and interfere with almost everything. They spread their stuff into you apps folder, library and imbed in hidden files in your user account. It's almost the first thing I look for when diagnosing a machine in for repair.



Thanks for the help.... I am reluctant to download anything (like coconut whatever) as I recently did the CleanMyMac routine and am having a hard time undoing that damage. --- on a different computer macbookpro 2013) than the one I'm trying to update for the preteen.

Instead I found this information under the 'system report(power) tabs on the computer in question and noticed the service battery statement. To me, that shouldn't mean replace but I can't find anything else that is described as 'service' for a battery. Plus, I don't know whether the values shown; like cycles and capacity are in a good or bad range.

Thanks for the antivirus advice ... probably a good thing to consider.


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Block Image

this is the missing image for the battery stats.

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Ok, the battery is at mid-life and fine for now. As you saw in my post about that Clean My Mac, I consider these to be viruses. The taking advice about downloads, for instance my recommendation of Coconut Battery. Look at the reputation of just who's telling you to do it and how respected they are. Also that little shield next to my name indicates that I'm a moderator on the site.

Coconut Battery also is able to take a look at battery conditions of your iPhone and iPads if connected. It's one of the handiest tools out there.


I don't mean to suggest I don't trust your response... nor do I lack respect for your expertise. I just don't want more stuff on my computer to deal with (especially since the system report tells me what I need to know about the battery). That being said... can you help me understand what it means to 'service' a battery? How can I do that?


To refresh the battery, allow it to run all the way down, then fully recharge it a couple of times.

I give a lot of older computers away, also handle trade ins'. The Best thing to do is a total wipe of the existing hard drive and a fresh clean system installation and updates. Set up the new user with their own Apple ID. If you personally own paid for Apple Apps, you can go to the APP store and log in under your ID and install those (they will not be able to take updates under someone else account, so you may need to check it occasionally. Then go directly to the Adobe site and install the latest Reader, Shockwave and Flash, never load loads these from a third party site!


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I'm all for class action lawsuit of any app that

Does anything other than what it states.

It's about time - scum is held responsible

It used to be - you could fully Trust Apple Store

for the Apps Offered,,, not the case any more.

People report infected files where the app took over

Programs never allowed into that application.

There should never be any hidden agenda embedded.

Enough of the free crap with ad's

Then pay extra to not.

So far every OS upgrade has allowed more of this crap.

Apple has now taken it apon their new world order

With OS, ElCapitan- totally changed my 09' $3000

Mac Book Pro , I used 10.6.8 for years,,, very Solid,

and this new OS turned into a $ 30 cell phone,,

Forcing $3000 worth of Pro Image Apps to Junk,,

They never warn you what will happen,

When a scan should be done - To Tell you.

Even Adobe software scans system , and tells you up front.

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