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L'Apple iPhone 5s fut annoncé le 10 septembre 2013. La réparation de ce modèle est très similaire aux modèles précédents et requiert des tournevis ainsi que des outils pour faire levier. Disponible en version GSM ou CDMA, 16/32/64 Go de stockage et en argent, doré ou gris sidéral.

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iPhone 5s Touch id inaccurate

Goodday Ifixit im having a problem with my 5s touch id it works i mean

.When im registering my touch id (Im having hard time fingerprint cant be read etc .)

But i can finish getting it when im using it already its having inaccurate like its says try again always how can i fix this ?

How can i fix this fingerprint inaccourate some times it do but almost all the time its no .

Is this just because the homebutton not place properly ?Or nah ?

Take note i have Tempered glass installed but i dont think it can stop the fingerprint sensor etc

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If you've recently repaired your iPhone it could be that you've damaged the Touch ID cable. On the iPhone 5s and SE this cable is tricky to maneuver and disconnect without tearing and, if you do, you lose Touch ID Functionality.

A couple thoughts that might help you out:

  1. Try removing the Tempered Glass Screen Protector and setting up Touch ID from Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Add your Left and Right Thumb and whatever your dominant hand pointer finger is. Then "train" the device to better recognize those fingerprints by holding those fingers over the sensor on that initial "Touch ID & Passcode" screen. You'll notice under "Fingerprints" that the corresponding finger highlights in grey for a brief second each time. This is helping the iPhone better account for the variations in your fingerprint.
  2. Make sure your screen is clean. Take a microfiber cloth and some screen cleaning solution (or rubbing alcohol, if you don't have any lying around) and clean the entirety of the screen. Additionally, make sure your fingers are clean.

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Sir its says dont move my finger between scans even though im not moving it is it possible that its because of the tempered glass ,


That would be my guess. Lay the phone down on a table or desk and don't move it, then try repeating. If it still causes the issue try removing the tempered glass.


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