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want to change to a ssd drive

Has anyone successfully change hard drive to an SSD drive. I bought SSD drive but cannot get computer to recognise it? Have tried preloading drive with my info and leaving it empty? PC world will not take SSD drive back so lost 100.00 pounds if I cannot get it to work?

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1 solution

Did you save all computer software & drivers before putting in SSD?

All brand new SSD or HDD have nothing in them when purchased new.

Doing the setup in either HDD or SSD can take more than 6 hours.

Let's say you have a Windows XP full restore disk (they scammed many new buyers for not providing one anymore).

1. Take out old HDD (save everything if you could)

2. Install new SSD or HDD

3. Eject CD/DVD

4. Insert Restore Disk

5. Turn on computer

6. Look and follow the long process from the screen

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