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L'iPhone 5c d'Apple a été annoncé le 10 septembre 2013. La réparation de cet appareil ressemble aux modèles précédents et nécessitent l'utilisation de tournevis et d'outils pour ouvrir. Disponible en tant que GSM ou CDMA / 8, 16, 32 Go / blanc, rose, jaune, bleu, et vert.

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Won't charge, says This accessory may not be supported.

So here's the story; phone poorly taken apart, damaged chips, managed to get it to work but won't charge. One of the charging ics which I forget the name (9 pins, MOSFET, controls charging) was missing and had 3 ripped pads. Replaced that, now phones recognises charger bit says this accessory may not be supported, before would not recognise it at all. Not showing on pc at all. What should I replace next?

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Hey Giga, I just noticed this question. If you haven't fixed this yet, please let me know which IC exactly you replaced so that I can help you out.


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@refectio i just used the board as a donor, used almost all the parts.

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Cool, at least you put it to good use.


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1. Remove any debris from the charging port on the bottom of your device.

2. Restart your iOS device.

3. Try a different USB cable or charger.

4. Make sure that you have the latest version of iOS.

5. Contact Apple Support to set up service.

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No, read the OPs original post. He took it apart and messed with the internals. It has nothing to do with a dirty charge port or bad cable/charger.


This is unforunately the help you get in Apple forums.... a generic stupid easy answer that doesn't answer any of your questions.


Apple support is always giving basic unrealistic solutions to your problem, where in the world did you need latest software to have a well charging phone?


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I Absolutely agree John

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