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My MacBook Pro won't read my hard drive

Hello guys,

So an hour ago I tried to use something on my hard drive and my laptop won't read it anymore. You can feel the hard drive running but the light on the hard drive where it usually shine wasn't shining. I tried two of my friends laptop and both didn't work. I tried switching the cable and it didn't work either. This hard drive is quite new I just started using it about 1 month ago(but bought it in the beginning of the year) I never really bang it or drop it. However, after I started using it I left it connected to my laptop 24/7. I don't unplug it ever(unless it fell off itself or when my laptop died because of low bat) and it was working perfectly until an hour ago.

Thank you in advance

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In this case, the PCB controller might be dead for some reason.

Try to extract the hard drive itself and reconnect it using some adapter (the PCB from another ext hard drive will do just fine), but it might void your warranty. If the information is not that important, go for a warranty replacement.

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