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Windows Will not Start

So, I recently got a new computer (Runs on Windows 10) about a week ago, and i was very careful about what i download on it so i downloaded an anti virus but about 10 mins after i downloaded it my computer was acting slow so i closed out the window of it but when i opened file explorer none of the folders (Pictures, Videos, Downloads, and Documents) are not shown and it just infinitely searches for it but it never finds it and the start menu will not open and then i got the bsod, now when i turn on my computer it will ask me to do a startup repair but when i select for it to start the repair the entire computer will freeze, Any fix for this?

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Yeah so you should reinstall Windows, if you have access to another computer. You can use a flash drive (at least 4GB) or a DVD to create a bootable medium using the official Windows Media Creation Tool. If your computer had a valid Windows 10 license, it will get carried over, but unless you had your files backed up, you will loose everything.

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Look for advanced repair options and see if you can get into system restore, if the problem is software you can revert back to an earlier time before install the AV and keep all your stuff. To me it sounds more like a hardware failure like maybe a hard drive. Your pc likely has some built in diagnostics that you can run to check the hardware. If you just reinstall Windows without checking hardware it could fail again.

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It is very unlikely that this is a hard drive problem as

1. The ThinkPad series only features solid-state storage

2. It's a new laptop, OP said he just bought it


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