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Le Galaxy S7 Edge est la variante avec écran incurvé du téléphone Samsung phare de l'année 2016, le Galaxy 7. Annoncé en février 2016 et mis sur le marché le 11 mars. Modèle SM-G935.

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phone screen will not turn on

Hello, I just went to use my phone because it vibrated but the screen wont turn on. I can see the light at the top and when i press the home button the buttons next to it light up. ive tried hard resetting and it vibrates when it turns on but still no screen.

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Sounds like the lcd is broken. I guess theres a chance it could be the connector or logic board but all the phones like yours Ive seen with that issue it has been the lcd. Usually happens after a fall or coming into contact with liquid or moisture even if it was days before. You could open it for inspection but if everything looks ok then the only way I know to find out is to hook up another screen that you know is good.

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@ripper i just got the screen replaced last week. I did just put a new audio jack in the phone and after that the screen doesn't work but the phone is on because it makes noise and all that


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