How to power on phone by short-circuited

screen and wifi and button Flexible Flat Cable broken.i buy these from But i still can't power on.Before this,i found my phone is not bad,can make sound. I want ask how to short circuite to power on phone.

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Hi @zhouqf, try this, connect the lightning usb cable to the pc and the phone, does it boot up up and show up at the icloud? is the battery charged / okay?


Hi @salmonjapan ,I connect to mac,nothing happened.I think maybe the new screen is the problem ,so i disconnect screen from iPhone.Then i found Itunes jump a messagebox saying" Itunes cannot connect to iphone,because it's locked by password,Please enter password...." .So iphone is good .

I disconnect battery cable to power off,and connect again , iphone make a sound represent it is charging.

so maybe new screen is bad.....


Sounds like your computer sees you're phone as being on and the screen is defect. Get a new screen or try with your old screen if the LCD is still working to confirm that to be the case.


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