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My cd tray vibrates excessively

I have a Toshiba Satellite L505-s6946. Whenever I use the cd tray to play a cd it spins up and vibrates excessively and affects performace. So, far it has not scratched any disks. How can I replace/repaire it?

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Here's how to get into it:

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+1 great site to keep bookmarked. It does show exactly what to do.


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Replacing the optical drive in a laptop usually consists of removing 1 screw on the bottom side of the case. This screw may have a embossed picture beside it on the case indicating it. Look for a screw that is about 6" directly behind the door of the drive. Once the screw is removed the drive can be pulled by hand from the PC. You will have to use the plastic door cover from your old drive on the new drive. Most just snap off and on but it could require removing a couple screws also. This is one of the easier repairs you can do yourself to a laptop. The drive will have its part number on the outside of it. You can get a replacement from Toshiba or possibly through ebay or an online source.

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