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I can't get them in all the way!

I'm desperate at this point. How in the ever loving !&&*, do I get the hinges back in?! I've seen a couple videos (there isn't a lot out there on this) including on this site and everyone can seem to pop them back in without too much effort.

I am reshelling a DS but the hinges won't go back in all the way flush, they stick out a tiny bit, just the silver head piece. I am breaking my thumb and tools trying to get it back in, it looks like a tiny piece of plastic on the circle end piece is what is stopping it from going all the way in, it has a very slight raised area on top and on the bottom, but it has this on both circle end pieces and on the original case, I can't get them back in the original case either!

I'm not super new to hinges, I'm aware most of them take some effort, I have reshelled and repaired gameboy hinges and newer DS hinges but these are something else, no matter which way I twist it, they won't go in.

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Good morning Raestro, I just watched a video on how to change the Shells and it did talk about towards the end of the first video you sometimes need to trim some of the plastic with an exacto knife from which the way the plastic is molded. Also it shows the importance of putting all the ribbon cables back the correct way to ensure a correct fit. It's a good video. Here is the link to watch it. I hope it helps. Please let me know, Thanks, John

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Thanks for the reply. I have seen that video, he is able to slide them in completely with ease and they click, not for me.

I think he's talking about in general, if you have left over pieces of plastic, not so much within the hinge encasement, also because the original shell appears to have the same raised plastic and I can't get the hinges back in their either.

So either I'm not putting enough force (I really can't imagine how much more I need to apply before I break the shell) or I'm somehow putting them in wrong even though they appear identical no matter which side I try to install them


They did send you the correct parts? I just wonder if you may need to file down the hinges in order to make them fit. I can't think of anything else at this time.... I'm sure someone will have the answer I hope...


I figured it out, the hinge was turned slightly and not fitting in all the way, I feel dumb now lol


No problem, glad it's fixed...


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