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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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I cant remember my pin number to get into my phone

What do u do when u cant remember your pin number to get into your phone

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I did that but when i turns back on it still wonts my pin code,& i cant remember it


Hmm if done correctly the phone will be completely wiped, and the passcode removed. Are we talking about the gmail account maybe?

If the lock screen is still coming up, try following the steps again, as it likely did not reset.


I have followed these step and rest my phone but it still says "Unauthorized attempt to factory reset.


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If you have forgotten your password turn off your phone after it turned off hold Volume Up +Home Button+Power button together , free them after seeing a New page , In that page With volume up and down go Up and Down and With Power button Confirm it.

Come down to Factory data reset And press power button for confirmation and then come down on yes answer and Press Power button.

  • Be aware that All of Your data on your phone will be deleted.

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Without the passcode, You will need to reset the device to factory settings unfortunately.. Keep in mind you will lose all data that is stored on the phone, so hopefully you have a backup! There is no way around this.

To reset this model you need to first power it off completely. Then hold the power button, home button, and volume up button simultaneously . Once you see the boot logo, you can let go of the power button. This will take you to the recovery screen. (may take a couple tries).

Then you'll want to use the volume buttons to select "factory data reset". It will erase the info, then reboot. Should be good to go from there.

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This is correct, the big thing people need to remember is if you inputted a Google Account (GMAIL) you will also be required to sign into your account otherwise you're going to prolong obtaining access by doing a Password Reset.


I have tried this method and it don't work. What can I do next?


Hey Lucia! What did not work exactly? Were you not able to get into recovery mode? And what was the issue with the device?


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