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Smartphone Motorola lancé en juin 2016 avec des fonctionnalités supplémentaires, les Moto Mods (haut-parleurs, chargeurs, etc.). Au moment de son lancement, le Moto Z était le smartphone le plus fin (5,2 mm) jamais produit. Numéros de modèle XT1650-01 et XT1650-03.

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Moto z Bluetooth can't detect devices

My Moto Z brand new doesn't seem to be able to detect any bluebooth devices. I try using NFC and it'll recognize the NFC tag but will not pair. Do I need to replace something? I can't warranty it because I bought it off someone.

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The first step is to identify your problem.

Make sure Bluetooth connectivity is enabled in the first place by checking the Settings under Bluetooth.

Go to Device Help (it's the app with the round blue icon and a white question mark), slide left to the "Fix it" tab, scroll down to sensors, then select Bluetooth and let the test run. Keep me posted with the results.

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My Bluetooth is unable to find devices.


I am trying to pair a Motorola Moto Z Force with a Blinc 3.0 that is on a motorcycle helmet, but they just aren't able to see each other. I have tried everything I know to do, but I am starting to think maybe my Moto Z just can't see a device running Bluetooth 3.0? It has to be a compatibility issue, no other explanation comes to mind...


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Love how y’all keep saying “make sure your device is on” and “make sure bluetooth is on”. What is it about you that you do not understand MOTO Z does not connect to bluetooth speaker? Disgusting. So sorry I ever bough a Moto Z and will promptly switch back to Samsung.

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Never again will I buy Moto phone Bluetooth sucks


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