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I hate this thing

i hate my dell laptop. i hate not having any control over when the %#*@ thing interupts my life with updates. some way out?

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If your referring to windows updates they can be turned off in the update center but this is not advisable as most updates are for security or repairs to the system files

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i was afraid you'd say that


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@shagjackson , you can make the updates a little less annoying by enabling "metered connections". It won't stop it, but it will improve your quality of life.


As of the Fall 2017 Creators Update (build 1709) you have more options on customizations. You can control "Active Hours", which will change when the computer is allowed to reboot for updates.

This is under Settings --> Updates --> Change Active Hours

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You can also set the times in which it performs the updates.. that helps a lot.. doing updates between 2am and 5am works for me as long as remember to leave the system on for it to do so..

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