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iOS 11 Apple logo

Hello, Has anyone noticed the apple logo on iOS 11 start up, then go away and come back on like it was in a boot loop but start up after the second apple logo flash? Its weird. I noticed it on multiple iPhones and am not sure if its just the iOS or an issue with my device ?

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But does it start or get stuck?


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It's normal if you have the night shift feature enabled.

Basically it uses blue light reduction to reduce eye strain at night by tinting the screen to a more warm color leaning white more towards yellow tinting.

This feature was introduced in iOS 10.

Seen this on plenty of clients phone when I was testing the new screen on their phone during screen replacement.

So I don't accidently unplug the battery when it does that.

If I'm correct the apple logo on off then boot will occur if night shift is currently in effect and not waiting for schedule or disabled.

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Yes the one second blink is since iOS11. Noticed it also. But it works ;-)

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