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Modèles A1297 Unibody : Début 2009, Mi-2009, Mi-2010 & Fin 2011

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My MacBook Pro 17' does not switch on!

I have a MacBook Pro 17" 2.3GHz i7 Early 2011 BTO/CTO - MacBookPro8,3 - A1297 - 2352-1

The problem is that I cannot switch it on.

I took it to the Cyprus Apple representative and replace the logic board (this is the problem according to the support center). Problem fixed but after a few months the same problem appeared again. What they told me is that there is nothing they can do,

Apple aware the problem but they are not willing to do anything to resolve the problem. The only "solution" is that they call it "vintage" and furthermore they do not support it any more!

They advised me to buy a new one. So I've spent 2500 euros a few years ago to buy this so called "super tool" in order to lose them a few years later without being able to do my daily work!

Also Apple does not develop 17' laptops any more. Instead of that you can buy only 13' or 15' at the same price 2500-3000 euros! Of course there is no way to buy again an apple product.

Please note that I used to be an Apple man! I have two iPhones, an iPad, the MacBook Pro, For the office 4-5 more apple devices (iMac, MacBook Pro, Apple TV etc). 

Honestly, I hope this is not the truth and there is something else you do in order to resolve the problem.

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You currently have a 7-year-old MacBook Pro. A few questions: does the device not switch on at all, or does it switch on when it is plugged in? If it does work when plugged in, you might want to check the battery health.


Dear Sandy34, the device does not switch on at all. It doesn't matter whether is plugged in or not. For sure it is not a battery issue. It just sometimes switches on and works properly but this happens very rarely...


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Maybe you'll get lucky and it'll be a bad charger controller chip. That chip sends out the main power rail of the computer. However, I want you to open the bottom case and with the lid open, keep watch of what the fan does.

Spin for a second then shut off = Power cycling. This is the issue that board repair techs rip their hair out with. In your case with that board, it will almost always be caused by the GPU (Graphics chip) being shorted.

Spin continuously but no chime = No brain. The GPU is dead and is stopping the machine from posting.

No spin = System is not reaching an operational state and can be fixed by a board level technician.

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What is happening to my MBP 17' is the first thing "Spin for a second then shut off ". Is this something that could be fixed e.g. when changing capacitor like Oros & Louis recommend?


The Capacitor Louis is talking about is c7771. Usually those don't cause power cycling. It can but it's not typical. It's worth a shot!


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Best bet for you would be to find an Independent Repair Shop near you who is specialized in Apple repairs.

The best repair you can find in a Apple Store is: replace the board and after a while replace the whole device for a more recent one.

Louis shows in one of his videos the most common problem of this device, this involves micro-soldering skills but it can be done.

A lot of people are in your position and they want to keep for as long as possible the 17" MacBook Pro.

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Louis's answer for a hangnail is micro soldering, and only he has the right equipment and skills to fix it! How did we every stay in business without Louis?


@mayer Yeah but this solution usually works on the 17 " MBP, I know I've should have given a less complicated solution like you did and then go on from that but I have seen already in the past year more than 5 MBP 17" with this problem comming to the shop and this fixed it.


So If I replace this capacitor my MacBook Pro 17' will be fixed? If my technician sees this video and capacitor type, will be able to fix it? I am in Europe and cannot send my PC to Louis.


If your technician has a hot air machine and a soldering iron, yes, he can do it. its not the most difficult repair to do.


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No one want's to address your issue here! Everyone just wants to gripe.

That of it not powering on. So I'll look at that problem. It's a poor tech that wants to replace the logic board first. First let's see if it will spontaneously boot. Disconnect the the mag-safe, disconnect the battery from the logic board. Press and hold the power on button for 5-10 seconds. Hook up the battery then the mag-safe. Tell me if it booted.

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Thank you mayer for your instructions. I've tried what you told me but unfortunately nothing happens. Is there any way to fix this problem once for good? Is Apple willing to do something about it eventually? I realised that it is a worldwide problem with thousands unhappy MacBook Pro users.


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