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Product released in 2011. Portable on-ear headphones that come with a detachable audio cable with built-in remote and mic for iPhone/iPod/iPad connections, and a carrying case.

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Audio Channels not playing Correctly (Broken 3.5mm)

I think I may have a broken 3.5 mm port headphone-side. If the plug is fully inserted and twisted a bit, the audio plays quiet in both speakers, but one channel is significantly harder to hear. If the plug is pulled out just a bit, but still holding in tight, it works like new. Any help? Beats Support said $100 for replacement of these 6 year old headphones [BTW, these are green Beats Solo HDs (Serial Number J4112)].

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Krishna Reddy you have tried a different cable to the headphones?


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Krishna Reddy start by trying a different cable to the headphones. If there is no change with that, then you ant to consider changing the audio jack. Replacement jacks are available at places like this. pretty much the same idea as on here

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Is there a video on how to fix them


Don’t worry didn’t see it


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The wires inside Beats headphones break all the time; I have two pairs of them right now (one Solo HD, one Studio) in for repair. They're not that difficult to repair but you need to get the right wire for it, and there is some soldering involved. I buy spools of it from a Chinese supplier via There are unafilliated companies that offer mail-in service; cost is usually around $50 plus shipping.

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