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Kettle thermistor part number

Model cuisinart cpk17. Need part number for thermistor picture included.

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What problem indications are being seen needing to replace the thermistor?


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It appears to be very similiar to the NTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 3% PROBE part number NTCAIMME3C90373 by Vishay BC Components.

available from:

Hope this helps.

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Our 10 year old CPK-17 tea kettle started flashing the blue light and beeping at random times with plenty of water in the kettle. I replaced the thermistor with the NTCAIMME3C90373 and after a week's use, it seems to be working okay again. The old thermistor resistance values look okay, the figure below shows the old thermistor versus the replacement. Possibly the old thermistor is occasionally giving a very low resistance.

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