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bought refurbished. has no admin password to get in the bios

i bought a 2007 C700 hp compaq presario laptop . i have no administrative password for this unit so i can't get into the bios to change the settings to upgrade it to windows 10 from windows 7. how do i delete/erase or bypass this administrator pass word function permanetly?

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It would be slightly difficult, but everything I can find says to pull the CMOS Battery. Found a website that details the process here:

Let me know if that helps!

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no intention of pulling the entire laptop apart to get at the cmos battery, and an HP tech told me that likely wouldn't reset it anyway in that model HP Compaq. but i did find the answer on HP forums, a certified Microsoft refurbisher took the Halt Code and looked up the password key. that worked. but thank you for your answer. i would have tried that as a last resort!


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