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no sound installed new tubes

vox ac10 no sound from amp installed new tubes

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@johnc77539 how did you hook it up? what did you checked? How did you check? We need to get more information if you are serious about fixing it.


not even a little hum? do not forget the obvious, the speaker.


I would like to thank you for trying to help me to solve my Vox amp issue I really appreciate it. But I have has fix the problem it working great it was a very simple fix that I'm a little ashamed to admit. It was a simple fuse I over looked in my process of trouble shooting my amp. So all is good for now thanks again.


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@johnc77539 you did not tell us why you would have replaced all tubes and what you have checked. You want to start using the schematic and checking things out. Pay attention to the voltages on this amp. If you have never done this, consider letting someone else guide you. Otherwise this could be a shocking experience. Start at your power supply and move to the amp section.

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Thanks for your feed back, I changed the tubes because the amp came with Chinese tubes which sucked so I changed them out with JJ tubes. Once I did that tone was great sounded so much better. It played great for couple of months but just two week ago it stop playing. So I thought it might be the tubes so I change them out again an it not the tubes they are fine. So I still have no sound, the power light comes on but no sound what so ever. So that were I'm at more that likely over my head. Thanks,


@johnc77539 any of your tubes lighting up? you got a multimeter to test to see if you get power post the supply?


Yes the tubes are lighting up showing power to the tubes. Yes I have a multimeter not quite sure what to test or check for.


@johnc77539 check the components in the amplifier secion. Use your meter and measure to see if those are up to specs. Do not forget to check your transformer as well as the power to the tubes. Careful, high voltages are involved!!!


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