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Need to do a factory reset

I just need to do a factory reset on my laptop. I know it doesn't need a disk.

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1 solution

Oh this is fun! Okay you have a few options, you can either do a new install of win10, or if you want to use your old key (I presume a windows 7) you can do so as well. First you need to recover your key for windows if you don't already know it. Here is a good tutorial on that.

Then go to Microsoft and get there installation tool.

(you will have to use your key to download the tool. And it is a very large file, so put it on, then go make lunch!)

Then all you do is boot from the USB stick that you put the installation tool on:

Then just follow the simple steps on installing windows 7. The steps are pretty much the same for win10, you just have to look up how to see the key in win 10, and google "windows 10 download" and download the tool for windows 10. Hope this helps! It may be scary, but its dead easy. Just make sure to hold onto your key.

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