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How to fix double image

How to fix double image on my vizio smart led tv?

Block Image

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Oldturkey I already edited my post by putting the video, Another description on my problem is when I let my vizio led tv turn on for 5 minutes the double image problem will gone or it became normal


It looks like it is in a some sort of a rhythm. Let's take a look at some of your boards.


I posted the picture


I gently applied pressure but nothing happens on the image


I gently applied pressure on the orange thin ribbon inserted in the panel but nothing happens on the image


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Redjude Cadornigara most double images are caused by a GATE TAB bond failure. For that, you will have to check the thin orange flat ribbon cables that enter your LCD panel. Now this is the part where we have to see what you see in order to try and help you. Post some images of what your screen shows with your question. That will allow us to see what you see. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that. Remove the back of your TV and post some really good pictures of all of your boards and see if you can reach the orange ribbon cables. Apply some gentle pressure on those and see if the image changes.

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The new TV now a days have life span bet 3-5 years. depending how often you are watching or using the TV. If the life is more than 5 years, good for you. TV Panel as well as electronics boards were not designed to work in a longer years. For any problem in Smart LCD/LED TV like no picture but with sound, solarize picture, no power at all, the stanby lit but not turning on, try to visit my youtube channel DASOL PAN and locate my Playlist How to fix TV. I have some english youtube blogger there that I subscribed. Otherwise try to seacrh on Youtube the problem you have. You can try this one if the video still available:

If you can understand Tagalog Language, try to watch my Youtube Playlist (How to fix TV?)

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