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Un grand smartphone de LG, commercialisé vers 2014. Ce téléphone bénéficie d'un écran Quad HD IPS et d'une camera de 13 megapixel.

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Disables Connection - locks phone

I've scanned the device 4 times with different apps. Useless.

My phone is infected with malware or some dumb ass app that disables my connection (cell and Internet signal).

The icon showing disconnection appears on the top.

When I reboot the phone the icon disappears, and connection is reestablished.

But then the malware and icon reppear.

The guys at US Cellular were useless ("Let's search Google").

It looks like a factory reset is needed.

But let me know.....thank you! It's SUPER annoying.

How do I remove this specific malware / hack / or whatever?

Update (10/24/2017)

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Reset looks like the best option -- which I wanted to avoid.

I've deleted a bunch of apps already.

However, some apps have no identification or specific details....can I safely remove these without screwing up the phone or OS?

No one seems to answer or address this issue.


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Hi @marcos555 ,

Way to prove it is an app is to reset it, but first back up the phone using the phone's backup feature.

Then factory restore (also known as hard reset) the phone and see if the problem is gone.

Be aware that a hard reset will erase all your data and downloaded apps. It will restore the phone to a factory default condition. That is why it is important to do a backup first before you do a reset

If the problem has gone, restore the phone using the phone's restore feature using the backup you made earlier.

Check the operation of the phone.

If the problem has gone then the reset fixed the problem

If the problem has returned then a downloaded app is the problem. You will have to uninstall each downloaded app one by one checking the phone after each uninstall until the problem is gone. The last app that you uninstalled was the cause of the problem

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I thinkyour device have malware from web browser. If you hard reset problem will never gone. You have to update your firmware with Computer. The malware called "Monkey Virus". You can remove malware with monkey virus remove tool. Just type monkey virus in Google for more details and removing tutorials.

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