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Modèle de fin 2011, A1278 / processeur i5 de 2,4 GHz ou i7 de 2,8 GHz.

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Help :( I'd like to replace 820-2936-B with a 820-3115-B. Issues?

I'd like to add an 820-3115 board to a 820-2936 machine. My board wasn't recognizing the battery so I send to for repair. Now it is completely toasted by a “fixing” company and now it won't even turn on. Anyway, what problems will encounter to replace old 2936-b with new 820-3115? Please someone? I need to buy from eBay and I don't won't to waste my money for a board that won't work. Also I need my machine for university assigments and I'm delaying things too much. Please help! :(

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Économisez en réparant avec un kit tout-en-un.

Fix Kits pour iPhone


Économisez en réparant avec un kit tout-en-un.

Fix Kits pour iPhone

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The LCD cable won't fit in the LCD connector on the 820-3115; they use a different silver connector, which is used in the later models. In theory you could replace the cable with a 2012 cable, but it would be a lot more hassle than buying a 2011 board

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Any other than that? Like proscessing power or similar stuff. I saw a guy trimming the edges.


No, that is the main difference as far as I'm aware. Pretty sure you can force the cable into the connector, but it is definitely not recommended


That is not correct. The 3115 is not a retina! It fits with your display. As my 3115chasis with a 2936 board.


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