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All-in-One Desktop released by HP on November 25, 2009 featuring an AthlonII X2 250u. Repair manuals and product information can be found here.

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The computer won't boot

Hey guys,

I was at my parent's yesterday and they said their computer wasn't working anymore, so i took a look at it but i couldn't figure it out so i hope you guys can. When I try to start up the computer the power LED will only flash on and will go out in less than half a second. Furthermore after it has flashed the LED it will not do that again unless i remove the power cable and plug it back in. Does anyone have a possible solution?

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Sounds like a short circuit. Could be anywhere. Have they gotten it wet lately? Any chance of corrosion? Humidity, ect...


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Sounds very much like a power supply problem. Does it have a separate power adapter, or does the mains lead plug directly into it? If you can somehow get your hands on a replacement power adapter that would be well worth trying. If not an exact replacement it will need to have the same size plug on the computer end, the same output voltage, and the same or greaterAmps (or Watts).

Otherwise, I'd take the back off and see if you can spot any domed electrolytic capacitors in the vicinity of where the power comes in. (See

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