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Why my PC won't boot

Hello every body. my computer gives black screen of death ( no responsive mouse or keyboard) just the fans spinning. i can get a screen signal only if i removed the ram and the SMOS battery and turn it on. it will give me 5 long beeps after i reseat them back i get a signal on screen mouse and keyboard. or if i removed the cpu fan cable and the rear fan cable then i get a signal on screen as error in fan and if i would like to boot

i hope u can help me


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I have this same issue. System number NP218AA#ABA (p6000 desktop). Any resolution?


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Hi @kyrillos ,

What is the exact model number of your P6?

5 beeps indicate a RAM or systemboard problem.

How many RAM modules have you got? (You say reseat them)

If you have 2 memory modules, try installing just 1 and see if it boots. If not try it in the other slot. If still no good try the other module and see if it the works (in either slot if necessary)

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Hello and thanks for your answer

the model is p6 2406ebm

it gives 5 beeps because i take the ram off and i only have one modules. i mean by them is the ram and the cmos battery. i tried both slot and when i unplug everything ( static charge) then plug the cables i lose the power light in the front (its blue) it comes back after i reset the jumpers.

its really confusing and i dont have a big experience to tell what is that plus this model is not supported any more if i think about bios update

i hope that such problem faced you before

thanks a lot


Hi @kyrillos ,

Try disconnecting power cables from all unnecessary hardware e.g. HDD, ODD (cd-rom drive) disconnect any USB connections etc. Leave only the RAM inserted and the keyboard and the monitor connected and try to start it.


i tried it and still the same. only when i remove the battery and the ram together and reseat them :(


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If you're using graphics card remove it and insert it properly (tighten it) it should solve the problem.

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hey thanks for your answer. its built in card. but even it its not built in the mouse and the keyboard are not responsive so its not just a blank screen its just the board gives nothing eventhou the mobile phone can charge from any usb port !


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