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Vintage style turntable with modern additions like headphone, CD, and MP3 support.

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CD door won't open

'CD door


The door to the CD will not open.

What can I do to open it? When I press the button, the display says 'open,' but it will not.

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Do you hear anything when you press open?


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I presume this is the kind of CD drive with a tray which comes out when you press Eject and that you've tried inserting a straightened out paper clip into the hole in the front panel. I've seen this fault a few times. You need to remove the complete CD drive from the unit and open it up if it's inside a metal case.

I've described how to deal with this fault in the Restart Wiki.

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I would stick a paper clip in it but where?

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Take a butter knife and GENTLY slide under the CD tray, on the left until you feel the catch release


Pamela Fowler, Thank you! This worked!!!


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