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PC laptop by Dell with a 15.4" display. Succeeded the Inspiron 1520.

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Why can't my Dell Inspiron 1525 charge the replacement battery?

Battery doesn't hold any charge.

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Is it a new battery that you're trying to use?


No, it's an old replacement battery and the electrical cord is used as well. Has been worked on prior times, not me. Trying to save the laptop since it's my only backup and my Mac doesn't have microsoft cause I can't afford to buy the approved programs.


Use this : Dell AC Adapter LA90PM130


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Ok so what I would do is look for a replacement battery on Amazon, like this one:

Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery - Amazon

Try using that, and it should work just fine.

- Jasen

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if Ur useing a new battery then u probably need to replace the charger port

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I have replace the battery & also replace the charger port , then same problem could not charging the battery…..

now what can I do…..?

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