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The Chevrolet Blazer was one of the most popular SUVs for five consecutive decades, though its name was shared by two completely unrelated model lines. Chevrolet first started affixing the "K5 Blazer" designation to two-door convertible SUV versions of its big trucks starting in 1969.

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My e brake was stuck when I pulled on it the line broke and now I can

Only go in reverse? What do I do ?

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Michelle Tate so your emergency brake cable broke. You cannot move forward because your brakes are locked? what year and what model is your blazer?


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Michelle if the ebrake is locked in the on position the only recourse is to remove the drums and repair the siezed cable . When im faced with this problem I find its best to cut of the cable where it goes into the drum and work the cable into the drum to free up the brake enough to get the old drum off . I have had a sever case were i ended up cutting the drum in half to get it apart . But usually a lot f work with a heavy hammer can do the trick. Expect to have to replace everything in the drum with any luck it will only be one side thats locked on . Hope this helps

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