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Uniden model is G955. The serial number is H06311657. This is a 9" LCD monitor that is used for surveillance purposes that comes in a package with 2 wireless cameras.

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No notification on phone of activity from survalance system

Have Guiden G955 survalance system. I can see pictures and activity but does not notify me of any movement around my location to my phone please help. Thanks

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Boy this was fast and very helpful. Once I followed the e-mails it started working. Thank you all for your help. Tom


@k088065 welcome to ifixit ;-)!


I would like to know how to get the alerts on my android


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@k088065 does not sound like a hardware issue but a setup issue. Seems like your Guardian G955 can send emails but nowhere does it say it notifies your phone. From the user manual:

Email Alert

The Uniden Guardian system can notify you when it detects motion from any camera '''by sending

you an e-mail alert'''. The e-mail alert contains information such as the time that motion was

detected and by which camera. In order to enable the Uniden Guardian system, you must enter

both incoming and outgoing email addresses.

Uniden recommends you use Gmail to set up as the outgoing email server.

The outgoing email server (SMTP server) is responsible for sending out the email notification to tell

users when the Uniden Guardian system detects motion from any camera (Motion Detection must

be activated).

The incoming mail server (Email To) receives the email notification sent from the SMTP server. The

user must be able to receive email on a Windows PC or on mobile devices (such as an iPhone, iPad,

or Android smartphone or tablet) to receive e-mail alerts from the Uniden Guardian system.

When you receive an email alert, you can view live video from your Windows PC, an iPhone, iPad,

Android smartphone or Android tablet through apps. Free apps are available through the Apple

App store or the Android Market."

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