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should I replace both back & screen

i dropped the ipod on its corner the screen is shattered, i want to replace it but i noticed the metal case at the back of the ipod is slightly indented, will i have to replace both or can i just get away with replaceing the screen???

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I use several metal burnishing tools for working on cases. You can move metal with light pressure and rubbing back and forth from the back side. Here's the concept:

I use smooth bright metal bars of different diameters and a dental tool with just a round metal ball on the end. It helps if you have some junk drawers with old metal parts.

Go here and down to burnishers:

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+ The burnishing is great to make decent repairs and to fit the pieces the way they should, but if one has never done it, I don't think the back of the Touch would be a good place to practice :-) I'd get a new back and save the old one to practice than buy a touch of ebay to be fixed and so on...:-)


Turkey is right. This procedure needs to be practiced. Put a tin on a tin can with both ends cut off and see if you can work it out.


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