Why does my l2 button do what my r2 does in every game?

So I have this problem with my wireless snakebyte gamepad, where when I press the l2 button it does whatever action is bound to my r2 button.

Any answers are appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Does any other buttons do the same thing?


nope. just the l2 button


@fraizzer Left and Right shoulder button or trigger? What console? Does it do the same as the Right side or does it functions as the right side? Have you tried a different game/setup?


it`s the left trigger and it does whatever the right trigger is doing in-game f.e in A Hat of Time right trigger is dash and left trigger ability but when i press the left trigger it does the dash.And yes i tried it on a variety of other games with the same result. Also Im playing on a PC


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