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Pluto TV not loading through built-in app/Smartcast on Vizio display

Anyone experience loading issues with some of the built-in apps? Specifically Pluto TV doesn't load any videos and displays the three little dots as if it's loading, but it does display the tv listings so it's connected and receiving data. I tried resetting the display back to factory settings in an attempt to 'clear the cache', but it didn't work. It's just hung up on Pluto, which is a bummer because I've actually gotten use to watching it's content.

I have a Vizio E55-E2 4K Theatre Display with built in Chrome/Smartcast, purchased in 2017.

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I have the same problem on my E55 with Pluto only, all other apps working fine. Tried all the same things, help! Might be a global issue with Pluto on these displays, works ok on another TV in the house with Chromecast.


Same here. whats up


still waiting on Pluto to answer my email


works everywhere except vizio


Nice - it's back! Now my kids can watch their cat channel (good grief). Well it was helpful knowing it was not just me experiencing the problem - thanks!


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yes for 3 days. no word from Pluto yet. they know about it

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not able to cast Pluto either


Pluto is working now.. sometime late last night it started working... so glad

Pluto never did respond to my gmail... that's kinda lame, I might add


still working. I guess they were listening


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I FINALLY figured it out!!! You can view PLUTO streaming through the "Watch Free+ VIZIO" App. I was curious one day after being so frustrated unable to watch two of my favorite PLUTO channels and clicked on it! It was RIGHT there all along!!

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