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Black screen when try to installing a new OSX!

Hi guys.

I tried to install the new HIGH Sierra on my Mac Pro (Early 2009).

I upgrade my video card for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST 2047MB.

I did ALL updates like: Firmware 5.1 etc etc etc...

When I try to install by pen drive in a HD SSD the new Sierra, my screen is black. I can't see anything.

Why? In another forum, I saw that's installation will only install with the original video card. Its true? Because I sold my original 522MB video card :(

Thanks for any help,


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1 solution

I think that the problem is in the GPU. You need to have the stock GPU, because the other ones are Non-EFI GPU’s. I don’t know if the Clover EFI bootloader will help, because I never tried it.

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