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Le Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a été mis sur le marché en octobre 2014. Il a comme numéros de modèles SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V ou SM-N910R4, en ce qui concerne les versions américaines.

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Hi , i need help, i have the same problem on my GALAXY NOTE EDGE , I posted here because it seems that Note 4 and Note Edge are similar, anyways , my phone started freezing and working slow , and lately started shutting off by itself and demanding a reboot and it didnt work so everytime i take the battery off for a few minuts and turn it on again and it works after trying for couple times or sometimes he start easy from the first try, and it keeps doing that for about two weeks , but last night he shut off and never came back to life , i tried everything , the repoot trick by holing the home buttom nd the volume one , tried to take the battery off and hold on the power key for 1 min , 2 min, 3 min .... and more and then put back the battery and never owrked to ... i dont know what to do , i dont want to loose my phone , arround 10 GB videos and picturs and documents are stuck there and i dont know what to do, do please any help ???/ any suggessions ??? sorry for my english if there is any mistakes , PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANY MISSING INFORMATION

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Try a new high quality battery replacement. The Note 4/Edge are strangely sensitive to batteries.

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Sounds like a bad battery. Replacing it will most likely help. If this doesn’t work, it may be the components inside the phone that the battery connects to. Sadly, I couldn’t find a teardown for this device.

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Take out the battery, put the phone in the freezer for 5 min, take it out, put battery back on power it and when it turns on plug it to a charger

Is a temporary solution, the phone will shut down eventually, I'm trying to find a real fix

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