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Front Panel replaced, still no touch

I just replaced the front panel of my ipod touch (2nd gen). I still have no touch. I made sure that the ribbon cable was set and I'm not sure what to do at this point. What else could be causing the touch not to work?

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Here's the possible problems (in order of probability):

1) Make sure the connections are secure (perhaps try disconnecting and reconnecting)

2) It is REALLY easy to even minorly ripped the cable, or even bent it, it won't work.

3) The replacement might be faulty.

4) You might have the wrong generation/style of digitizer.

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Due to the cheap-asss plastic tools (I purchased two sets because I knew they would break) the screen broke while trying to remove the front panel. So now I am out $75 for the front and $200 for the ipod. I should have never ordered the front panel from ifixit. I installed it correctly and it did not work, I doubt that I can get a refund now due to having to remove the panel.


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