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Released Quarter 2, 2014. Identifiable by Model Number: HBS-750.

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Why doesn’t my right earphone produce any sound?

My right earphone won’t produce any sort of sound. The model of my earphones is lg HBS-770

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what are they connected to? PC, iPhone, etc?


iPhone and now the left side is having issues


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Start by trying them on a second device, to verify it is the item, and not the source that is causing the issue.

If it persists, you may have a connection failure between the reciever end, and the other side. in which case, you would need to check the continuities between the wire going from the reciever, to the failing headset. if it fails, replacing that wire fixes the issue.

or you can save your self 3 hours of labor in a specialized niche repair, and buy these.

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