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The Google Pixel is Google's first flagship phone, released on October 20, 2016. The 5-inch AMOLED display device comes with 32 and 128 GB storage options and is available in three colors; Very Silver, Quite Black, and Really Blue.

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Hot air gun for 2 min (300*c) + 71mm guitar pick and still won't open

Device is water damaged

The hot air gun is set to 300*c and the glass is almost too hot to touch. However the guitar pick (71mm) still doesn't open it. Are there any better tools to open it (household items please), or am I doing it wrong (I'm opening in the corners)? Thanks!

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Thanks guys! I'll see into this later. I don't think the insides are damaged though, since the back cover is only at around 60*c. I remember some article said 300c. Guess I'll have to learn it the hard way :p

Our razor blade is broken, but I'll give it a try :)


I was also having tons of difficulty opening the pixel. Tried a hot air gun, the iopener and eventually just put the phone down on our flat top stove set to low for 15 minutes. I monitored the temp with a laser thermometer and made sure it didn't go much over 100c during that time. When I turned the phone over, the screen practically jumped off the phone.

I did manage to overheat it when putting the screen back on but I can live with the minor discoloration since I now have a new battery installed and a phone that I can use for more than a couple of hours.


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300C is really bad, you have probably melted or displaced internal components on the logic board of the phone.

I use my nails run around the screen.

I don't really pry the screen up but slowly loosen the adhesive by putting up the screen a tiny bit with razor blades.

80°C is what I use with a heat gun if I want to heat up the screen and loosen the adhesive.

75°C is what I use if I were to place the phone face down onto the hot plate.

I did manage to remove the Google Pixel XL screen that was working on the phone to replace the charging port.


1. Heat up around the edges of the screen.

2. Unfortunately you will have to use something like a razor blade to pry up the glass, but don't force the razor blade in, you just need to use it just to get your nails under the glass.

3. Once you got your nail(s) under the glass, keep heating it up and very slightly pry the screen up a bit and work along the screen adhesive around the screen.

3a. Alternatively you could just use a thin plastic tool to guide around the screen or playing cards instead.

3a. Note: Do not push too much into the screen on the edges, don't want to damage the LCD if it's not damaged.

4. It should loosen up enough after you do this a few times.

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Correct, you should not use so high temperature in order to not damage the components.


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