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Guide de reparation pour els téléphones portables construits par Motorola. Cette categorie concerne uniquement les téléphones dont le système d'exploitation n'est ni Android, ni Windows Phone.

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Screen damage after drop

OK so I have a really old phone. It is a moto mb866 and I dropped it in the street. When I ran back to pick it up colored lines filled the is Oslo cracked. How do I fix this

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I think the phone is so old and cheap parts might not even be available.

Your best bet is just to get a new phone. There are brand new phones you can have for around 100-200 dollars that work amazing and do everything a smartphone should.

The Samsung Galaxy Prime is just one example.

There is plenty of others like that, just do some searching to find one that fits your needs. You could also look at a used, newer iphone or samsung for around the 300-400 dollar range

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