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The OptiPlex 755 offers energy-efficient performance, stability and choice in a mainstream business desktop.

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Can I upgrade the video card in it

I have a usff computer so can I upgrade the video card in it so that I can play games better?

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Yes, you can. That system has a PCI-X16 slot. Just do a search for "usff 755 graphics cards" and you will see available cards.

Good luck,


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Thank you so much I've been looking all over on how to find this and I finnaly got my answer. Thank you. Which graphics card should I use and what adapter do I need to do this?


Caleb -

That is an old system, so don't spend much money on it.

Your choices are limited by:

a. Must be low profile card and needs low profile faceplate

b. Must run from power provided by the PCI-E slot. Cannot require extra power from power supply.

There is an Ebay listing that might interest you:

It is about $52. However, please not that the outputs are only DVI & HDMI. If your monitor uses only VGA connector, you will a DVI/VGA adapter, and that's more money.

The Nvidia GT620 is a good card, made by several manufacturers. Look for it on Ebay, but make sure the low profile face plate is included and that the video outputs are something your monitor will accommodate.

Again, don't spend much money on this project. It won't be worth it.




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